About Us

We do what we have always wanted to do and consider ourselves extremely lucky!

Our present would be nothing without our past. Our commitment and passion for our work has taken us where we are today. Our present is made of wood, steel, glass, design and passion.

  • Wood: because it’s our basic material. All wood, solid and in panels, is worked from start to finish in our own workshops.
  • Steel and Glass: because our furniture and furnishings are made from more than just wood. In our furniture and our lives, one material can inspire another.
  • Design:because if we can draw it, we can make it. That’s why we draw everything we are asked to produce, before we start making it.
  • Passion: because nothing would make sense without it.
What do we do?

We create furniture for the home and for businesses.

We are “ghost writers” for other people’s stories, whether young couples building their first home or entrepreneurs with a new business idea. We make whatever you want us to, and make it as well as possible.

We could even say: MDM DO IT BETTER.

We have deep roots too, and are committed to our local area. This means a unique level of care and attention even in our after-sales service.

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