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Furnishing hints: 5 useful tips for improving the look of every room

Choose the colour of the walls last 

Choosing the right colour for the walls is probably one of the most difficult and risky decisions to make. Colours that are the perfect match for one room could well look out of place in another because of differences in lighting.

Let your furniture “breathe”

Don’t overcrowd your rooms. You don’t have to fill every space available. Apart from improving the appearance, installing fewer pieces of furniture saves you money too! Use your budget to purchase the minimum amount of furniture possible, but of the very best quality.

Hang pictures at the same height as the observer

Position the centre of the work at about 150 cm from the floor, i.e. the height of the average human eye. It doesn’t matter how high the ceiling is or how large the room is, don’t hang pictures in the middle of the wall; hang them at observation height.

Create a focal point

Identify a perimeter within which you can concentrate important items of furniture you want to attract attention to.

Arrange the most important objects and furniture harmoniously within a determined area, leaving everything else to “frame” the focal point. Avoid creating visual noise.

Use different levels of lighting

Varying levels of lighting give the whole room a dynamic, creative look. Varied lighting also lets you create a clear focus on particular parts of the room, and attribute different importance to the objects in it.

Want a practical example?

Have a look at this project!

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