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Every MDM Interni project is developed by our  Interior Designer in person, in a series of creative and manual phases. This is one of the features that most clearly distinguishes our way of working and expresses our passion and dedication for what we do.



The production of a design starts with choosing the best and most suitable raw materials for the job. Every subsequent phase in the process is carried out in-house. We even do our own wood polishing, a task normally outsourced. If a customer wants, he can choose to use our production service alone.



We also offer a  valid and professional transport and installation service for all items of furniture. In addition, we offer our private customers an exceptional 10-year warranty during which time all normal maintenance is performed completely free of charge. Contact us to find out more!

Our work is based firmly on the values of true craftsmanship. Making a piece of furniture to suit the tastes and preferences of our customers is not enough for us. We have to do it with professionalism and passion, selecting only the most suitable materials and dedicating the time needed to every little step in the process.

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